Our Services

We are data focused.

Enriched by our extensive research expertise nearing quarter of a century and nourished by our insights derived from big data, we offer a unique experience in strategy.

We create data-based analyses and modelling. We ensure that the implications of data for social movements are clearly manifested; we reveal and analyze various groups of grassroots that are not on the surface – that are not immediately apparent, and target them in order to activate them into being supporters of the movement.

Data and Micro Targeting - Grassroots

Thanks to data management and micro targeting insights, House of Impact (HOI) ensures communication with the right people at the right time and the right place using the right content.

Social Segmentation and Mapping

HOI, accompanied by its project partner, carries out segmentation of social groups with respect to their changing lifestyles in order to get an in-depth understanding of the masses; and discovers tensional stress points to mobilize them. Behavioral economics and neuro marketing methodologies are utilized in the implementation of those approaches.

Digital Interaction Strategies

By using innovative targeting techniques, HOI develops holistic interaction strategies that transform online campaigns into actual movements.

Semiotic and Cultural Analyses

HOI is nurtured by the power of semiotics. The messages are designed to leave semiotic residues in the minds of individuals. While doing that, HOI analyzes the multi-layered structure of the culture and reveals relevant points residing in the collective memory.

Project Design and Branding

Brand is the most important product of a movement. HOI designs a project consistent with the assets of a social movement in order to create a lasting and coherent brand that is a winner; it designs a unique experience concerning how those assets to be utilized and carries out branding.

Authentic Content

In our ever-changing world, social movements need authentic content that can be offered to the right audience. HOI creates authentic content that unites different groups on shared motivations, managing tension by activating the right emotions.

Quick Response and Crisis Management

It is evident that we are now living in a post-truth era. Societies whose lives are enwrapped in social media algorithms often find themselves becoming the targets of fake news. The purpose of fake news is to undermine the reputation of meaningful social movements. Therefore, instant response and crisis management are the best remedy for such challenges. HOI is always quick to develop anti-doses.