How We Operate

Our team have been specialized in complex projects requiring extra-ordinary solutions.

Grasping deep insights is crucial for movements that believe in transformation that is focused on social benefits.

The best way to arrive at such insights is combining big data with methodologies that look into the subliminal mind.

HOI defines extremely effective deep wave groups that can be rallied around a major social motivation, and aims at inspiring them into becoming active for that major cause, ensuring the propagation of the message organically.

How do we implement the process?

  1. Big “Lifestyle” data that have not been contaminated by brand and category information are used in cooperation with our business partner KONDA.
  2. Focal points that can support the organic spread of the movement are determined.
  3. Sizes of the selected groups are established.
  4. Tensional stress points of the selected groups are defined by using subliminal research in the groups in order to reveal the motivators that can unify them around a common cause.
  5. Projects and promises are structured around those tensional stress points.
  6. Branding is carried out for the movement.
  7. An action plan is formed for the movement.

Implementation is monitored in a controlled manner.